How do you talk about something before it has a name?

Imaginary Services is a design and experience company that helps 

entrepreneurs, business leaders, and thoughtful people

find their ideas, sharpen their vision, and stake their claim.

Together, we engage in investigative creativity.

Who needs Imaginary Services?

Not everybody.

I'm John Dalton. I'm a designer.

I'm most passionate about

startup strategy, innovation, and implementation


innovative business concepts and systems

(businesspeople with drive and vision)


(curators, scientists)

one-of-a-kind experiences


I work independently or as part of a dynamic collaborative team.

Some of my work can be found at

Give us a hard problem.

What is The Imaginary Game?

How might a large corporation

use the basics of role playing games 

to foster growth? 

How does a small businessperson respond to the need for a website

given the internet's lack of neutrality?

How do I design a style guide for graphics rendered in an alphabet I don't read?

When venturing into the unknown it's best to have a native guide.

Looking forward to helping you get there.