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Explore, challenge, and change workplace culture.


Roleplaying Games for the Workplace are for groups of 5-60 people 

Turn your team into heroes.


Build your own fantasy characters, science fiction adventurers, superheroes of world reknown.

Discover your workplace superpowers and see who your team transforms into.

Strategize on a whole new level.

Build empires. Conquer castles. Explore forgotten dungeons. Launch campaign.

Roleplaying games offer opportunities to model, gameify, and sandbox any scenario.

What Happens in a Roleplaying Game?

Get inside someone else's skin.

See the world through their eyes.

Take the skills and experiences from the game

and apply them to your work day.

  • Build a character
  • Create a team of adventurers
  • Practice skills and attributes
  • Embark on a dangerously imaginative journey ...

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Bring your biggest workplace challenge and come ready to play.

Roleplaying games (RPG’s) create an environment to practice a full range of skills that parallel workplace challenges. Make choices, experience successes and failures–safely and softly.

We can incorporate your key values and desired work behaviors into the fantasy experience.

Find out where your collective imagination can really take you all.

Change workplace culture. recently highlighted the absolute necessity for role-playing skills in the workplace. Read the article: Changing Workplace Culture: If You Can't Roleplay, You Can't Do Real Life

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Roleplaying Games for the Workplace: Our Standard Offering

A team of players gathers for twelve hours over four sessions.

  • Session One: Building A Character
  • Session Two: Background, History, and Goals
  • Session Three: Skills and Experience Points
  • Session Four: Leveling Up

The fantasy setting and experiences can be conjured at game time, or specific themes can be tailored to address targeted needs or interests from your group.

We’ll weave the positive psychology-based VIA character strengths into the game.

In our seminar, players will:

  • self-assess to learn about their natural virtues and untapped strengths
  • utilize known skills at opportune moments for achieving desired outcomes
  • experiment with making high-risk choices outside of their comfort zone–and experiencing the thrill that comes with those decisions
  • reflect on fantasy world gaming lessons
  • imagine how the lessons mirror their real-world challenges
  • create an action plan to address real-world work (or life) needs and goals


The Opportunity

Millennials in the workplace are often forced into outdated forms of engagement and learning.It’s time that engagement and learning approaches accommodate a multi-generational workforce. According to multiple studies (1), what people crave at their workplace is human connection (2): 

  • Collaboration
  • Experiences–not "training"
  • Unique personalization 
  • Transferable skills
  • A sense of purpose
  • A multi-faceted life (3)

The Facilitators

This experience is the product of collaboration between Imaginary Services  and xuntas.

An SPHR with 22+ years of international experience in corporate global Human Resources roles, Irma frequently leads culturally diverse teams and orchestrates strategic projects. She's keenly aware of team evolution phases and their needs. This, coupled with her 19+ year yoga practice, beautifully blend the gross and subtle qualities of human learning and growth into one impactful, playful, and holistic experience.

John is a designer who specializes in concepts, complex systems, and experiences. He has brought spaces to life for The Field Museum, Infoblox, the Mythbusters, The Morton Arboretum, Lookingglass Theater, Steppenwolf Theater, PETCO, and many others. He has been playing and writing role-playing games (including Dungeons & Dragons) for almost 40 years.