Game Night Chicago

It's Game Night, Chicago.

Step away from the screen; take the edge off your month:

Imaginary Services Game Night: come play with us. Meet some new folks; pick a game you've never tried, or one you really enjoy. Either way, we'd love to have you.

All are welcome. Come find out what the new cool kids have known all along: games are fun.

Be Brave. Try something new.

Game Night Chicago: Games for the Evening.

Settlers of Catan Game Night Chicago

Settlers of Catan

The masterpiece that started the current board gaming revolution. Gain resources; build settlements; trade with your rival Settlers; manage your resources; think on your feet; turn four bricks into a sheep and become Lord of Catan!

  • Best play: 3-4 people/table, multiple tables available

Carcassonne Game Night Chicago


Behind Catan comes the second most influential game of this gaming revolution. Assemble the pastoral landscape of medieval France; populate cities, roads, fields and cloisters with your meeples (that's really what they're called!) and claim victory in this elegant, beautiful game.

  • Best play: 2 people/table, multiple tables available

Ticket to Ride Game Night Chicago

Ticket to Ride

An incredibly popular game; elegant gameplay, easily learned in under 15 minutes, intense strategic and tactical decisions at every turn. Collect various types of train cars and deploy to claim your railway empire. A definite "gateway game" for people who want to get into the fun.

  • Best play: 3-5 people/table, multiple tables available

Clue 1950s board game Game Night Chicago


If you've never played, you owe it to yourself to try it–especially on this 1950's board with custom-made detective notecards. Roam the halls and sleuth out who killed Mr. Boddy–and where, and with what. Only one table available with this classic board!

  • Best play: 4-6 people, one table available

Codenames Game Night Chicago


A simple premise and surprisingly open-ended gameplay make this word game a huge social hit. Find the opposing team's agents by deciphering the clues within the everyday words on the board. Addictive fun.

  • Best play: 8+ people, party-style, one table available

Funemployed Game Night Chicago


Can you think on your feet and interview for a job as the President or a Professional Cuddler?

Each player interviews using four random Qualification Cards and has to talk their way into winning the job.

  • Best play: 5-10 people, party-style, two tables available

Risk at Game Night Chicago by imaginary Services


You've heard of it. Perhaps you've tried it. But have you ever played Risk?Come play Risk with us. Learn from some seasoned player the ins and outs of one of the world's most famous strategy games.

  • Best play: 5 people, one table available

Game Night Chicago Pirate's Cove

Pirate's Cove

Gain fame; bury treasure; brag about your exploits at the tavern. Navigate shrewdly; fight mercilessly. Your objective: to become the most famed and feared pirate the world has ever known.

  • Best play: 4-5 people, large amounts of pirate trash talk, one table available

Game Night Chicago Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Feel the excitement and suspense build in a game that unfolds differently every time you play. No two games of Betrayal are the same! An investigative trip into a haunted mansion goes south (big surprise), and the players must defeat the horror before it’s too late.
Be brave. Come try it.